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Our Support

We can support you and your business in a range of different ways. All of them combined to help you get the most out of your business. What really makes the difference is our partnership approach which enables you to create the perfect blend of support to meet your needs.

This approach works most effectively because with any business, the personal and business goals are mutual and are constantly evolving and the support required needs to reflect this. 

Through services designed specifically to meet the bespoke needs of every business  our team aims to make financial management easy, efficient and effective.

A perfect balance of financial data and reporting ensures you can manage your business and personal objectives the way you want to. Push the limits of what is possible.

Business Planning
& Performance

Your management accounts tell a story. But it’s one that needs a bit of interpretation – which is where we help.

Rosy Jeffery accountants can help you track the data points that produce clarity rather than noise. We turn data into insights that help you eliminate waste, manage risks and achieve more profitable growth.

Tax Planning

Key decisions (such as whether and when to incorporate) have huge implications for how much tax your business pays and how much tax you pay as an individual. Different strategies apply based on your individual set of circumstances and the stage at which you and your business are at.

The Rosy Jeffery team will help you implement the most tax-efficient plan based on your goals and ensure you benefit from all the reliefs and allowances you’re entitled to.

& Payroll

With precise bookkeeping you can be assured that the figures accurately reflect your business.

Knowing the story behind your figures can help you make better decisions and boost performance.

& Compliance

A bespoke service based on the level of support and advice your business needs.

This includes preparing and submitting year end accounts, annual tax returns, quarterly VAT returns and maintaining detailed management accounts.

Evolving Support for Changing Needs

As your business matures and grows, you’ll need different types of expertise and support.

With business growth comes greater complexity and more demands for accurate financial data. Sometimes these demands can sneak up and catch you out.  With Rosy Jeffery accountants as your partner this won’t happen. We’ll regularly review your business needs and ambitions and make sure the right support is in place when you need it.

Sole Traders and Start-Ups

Typical support includes bookkeeping, accounts preparation, self-assessments, VAT administration and payroll.


We will identify the most tax efficient options for drawing income from your business, consult on MORE financial decisions that could impact profits and tax and ensure the compliance of running a limited company is met.

Growing Enterprises

Seeing the story behind the numbers helps maximise performance and opportunities. MORE The Rosy Jeffery team will work with you to provide the data and insights to make business planning more productive and less risky while improving your profitability. Build your business with the confidence that comes from robust data and expert advice.


Whether your exit plan is succession, sale, or passing the business on, careful planning and MORE financial management will help you achieve a more beneficial and tax-efficient outcome.

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